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arrowFederal ethanol, biodiesel credits extended
A deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts also includes action on ethanol and biodiesel credits, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said today.
( December 7, 2010)

arrowCommunication on the practical implementation of the EU biofuels and bioliquids sustainability scheme and on counting rules for biofuels
With the EU’s new renewable energy policy the EU has introduced the most comprehensive and advanced binding sustainability scheme of its kind anywhere in the world. It will apply equally to domestically produced and imported biofuels and bioliquids.
( December 2, 2010)

arrowEthanol Credit for ADM May Be Target of Republican House
A Republican takeover of the House of Representatives and other election victories yesterday may mean that U.S. subsidies aiding ethanol producers will be cut after the party pledged to reduce government spending.
( November 3, 2010)

arrowSenate unable to pass biodiesel extension
The Senate voted 41-58 against a motion to suspend the rules and accept an amendment offered by Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R., Iowa), to enact a retroactive extension of the biodiesel tax credit.
( September 16, 2010)

arrowEU to Probe Biodiesel Shipments From U.S.
The European Union is preparing to investigate whether U.S. biodiesel producers are routing their product to Europe through third countries in order to avoid tariffs imposed on U.S. shipments last year, according to documents reviewed Friday.
( July 31, 2010)

arrowNew bills offer hope for biodiesel tax credit
The latest chance for a biodiesel tax credit extension, H.R. 4213 or the Unemployment Extension Act of 2010, passed without the biodiesel tax credit extension included.
( July 28, 2010)

arrowAustralia probes U.S. biodiesel dumping
Australia is investigating complaints of U.S. dumping of biodiesel on the domestic market,the nation's customs agency said on Tuesday, a move that could see Canberra follow Europe in imposing antidumping duties.
( July 26, 2010)

arrowReport sees need for 500 additional biofuels plants
More than 500 new biorefineries will be needed around the country to meet the nation's goal of tripling biofuel consumption by 2022, according to a government study.
( June 14, 2010)

arrowHarry Reid: Extenders bill will pass
Senate Democratic leaders on Tuesday expressed confidence they can pass the tax extenders bill through their chamber next week.
( June 8, 2010)

arrowRevised Bill Keeps Biodiesel Break
New Senate language for a mammoth jobs and tax bill, released on Tuesday, retains a proposed one-year revival of the $1 a gallon tax credit for biodiesel, said Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus.
( June 8, 2010)

arrowNational Biodiesel tax credit extension - video
National Biodiesel Board CEO, Joe Jobe, addresses biodiesel stakeholders regarding the urgency of the biodiesel tax credit extension.
( April 21, 2010)

arrowAmerica will have trouble meeting its ambitious goals for biofuels
The renewable-fuel standard released in February by America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) paints an ambitious picture of biofuels’ future.
( March 25, 2010)

arrowSenators Propose Extension of Biodiesel Tax Credit
Two U.S. senators proposed extending the $1-a-gallon tax credit for biodiesel for a year, a move that the industry said is needed to revive production of the fuel.
( February 11, 2010)

arrowEPA Finalizes Regulations for the National Renewable Fuel Standard Program
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing revisions to the National Renewable Fuel Standard program (commonly known as the RFS program) for 2010 and beyond.
( February 3, 2010)


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